Archangel Gerry Says - 2017 Promises To Be A Bumper Year For Hardship

Hello everyone. 2017 will find you all re-finding the purpose of life there on Earth, which is in large part to suffer obviously.

Lately the humans have been doing a lot of what they can to create a post life experience. You have slinked away from reality and are attempting to lead an almost ethereal existence. You have turned your backs on your bodies (in an ironical twist) and have most of your focus firmly fixated on trying to squeeze, like a camel through a cat flap, into the internet matrix there altogether. You are suffering, but not in the way you would like to be suffering.

It’s your body that you need to be stretching and through your skin that you need to be feeling. Your muscles sometimes need to be in a state of high hassle - but not by slave-driving yourself - doing Sisyphean body-bloating exercises in a cast iron gymnasium. You remind me of a farmer I once knew, who went mind-addled washing and waxing his tractor, with wing mirrors angled weirdly, so that he could observe himself as he scrubbed. ‘There is no call at all to be taking pride in the sheen of your tractor. Get out down the fields and sow a few turnips for the love of God’, his hungry sons used to roar at him.

You want to be out in the muck and the dirt and the wind and the rain, remembering how The Earth does it. You want to be rubbing up against trees and flirting with the wet end of the seaside. You want to be struggling forwards, leaning over yourself on the way up the arc of a hill. You want to be feeling into that patch of the planet upon which you are currently kneeling… and dumping your darkness into her - talking and thinking and fulminating and wiping your tears off into the grass.

You want to be feeling the grab of wet mud at your welly as you squelch through a mystic marsh. You want to watch your giggles billow like chalk-smudge through midnight moonlit air.

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