Howaya blastin’ about there my fair ladies? Here is my advice for you there on the planet of Earth for the next twelve months.

The worst thing about existence is that it has all been set up sneakily to ensure that the only way you will ever get settled down into the cosy throne of your own contentment is to search and see beyond the limits of your parental-mental programming. There are echoes of all sorts of smart sounding voices ricocheting like sarcastic golf-balls throughout the chambers of your tomb-dark heart. How do I know they are echoes? Well…go ahead and ask them voices a question. See if they give you an actual real-time answer…or if they just repeat and repeat and repeat…boing-boing-bing-bang-boing-boing-boom. If they keep just saying the same thing then they are only old echoes, or dupelifications, or cut-and-pastes…or whatever you and your modern day friends want to call them. They will fade off into silence when you open your

hole-black heart.


You will be surprised to hear that your brain is like a little computer made out of ham…or tofu if you are vegetarian…and that all the other bits of yourself are like power-packs and/or hard drives and/or sound cards and things. Them hard drives do start getting loaded up with information from even before you do be born. But that’s not to say that your parents are to blame. They can only pass on the bit of programming code that they had fluttering about inside their own systems…with whatever bits of changes they’d been able to patch.

So if your Mother and Father or Granny, Uncle, Sister, Bean An Tí, or whoever else might have raised you, didn’t really know what they were at, they probably filled your noggin with the best stuff they had available, not knowing that it was choc full of glitches, viruses, bad habits, addictions, abuses and other such bugs.


It’s a good question and well done for asking it. Prejudices can mean any kind of opinion or attitude you hold onto without knowing why. Prejudice in this context is not just about hating people of a particular colour or class or Apollo Creed.

When I was alive I used to have a prejudice against good-looking people. I had an idea that they were all arrogant and aloof and vain and superficial. I was always quite unfriendly to them, especially the female ones, whom I assumed must be corrupt and cruel. Those were subconscious associations that, I reckon, had came from my father.

I did not become aware of them until after this happened…

When I was fourteen I commited one or two little crimes, and was sent to The Punishment Hall For Delinquent Tearaways, where I got clobbered by a gang of older bucks on night one. I took a bad blow to the back of my skull and spent the next fortnight recuperating in the hospital. For the first few of them days my vision was very cloudy and there was talk that I might lose me eyesight altogether…or worse, that I’d have to wear glasses. I don’t mind telling you that I was terrified.

I would have felt completely lost and alone if not for the kindness of a nurse whose name was Deborah. She would come and chat to me at my bedside whenever she could. She even hummed tunes and read Batman comics to me, and told me what was happening in the pictures. I’m fairly sure that she was getting into trouble with her superiors for doing so, but it didn’t stop her. She had a fierce sweet voice, but I remember imagining that she must be very ugly if she had the time and inclination to be there on her breaks with a scumbag like meself.

This story wouldn’t make any sense if that was the case of course. As my eyes got better, I could see that she was physically beautiful too. I remember telling her about how shocked I was by this. She gave me a big smile, but she gave out to me too. She asked me how I knew that me soul mate mightn’t be a total dolly-bird…and that we wouldn’t even get the chance to know each other because I’d be as cold as a frozen drink when I met her. She said that after I was released from my detention, I should be nice to everyone, if even for my own sake, because I could not know the amazing relationships that life might have in store with the most unexpected of people.

I wish now that I would have taken that advice.

It could be the same for you with confident people or fat people or rich people or intelligent people or shy people or thin people or poor people or unintelligent people. Alternatively, you could have prejudicial thinking against money or happiness or success or anything. You might have all sorts of unfounded fears and far-too-general rules creating barriers between yourself and some superb experience.

So now…I’ll say no more about it…but leave you with this image that came to me yesterday during my contemplation on these matters. If you have a comment or a picture that relates to all this hoo-ha, I would love to read it. Have a great 2016 and I'll chat you soon please God. :)

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