Hello. My name is Paul Timoney. I am a storyteller-poet-performer-artist-teacher type person from Mullingar in the middle of Ireland. I am currently collecting poems, stories and pictures made by children aged 0 to 18. I will be putting some of these together in a new show which I hope will amount to nothing short of a Visual & Spoken Word celebration of the ideas, interests, jokes, concerns, worries, philosophies, insights and confusions that have managed to express themselves through young people's creative endeavour.

I will not know what to include until I begin to see what comes my way. This is not a competition. There are no rules or specified themes...or prizes either, for that matter.

If you are a parent, relative, friend, teacher, carer, librarian, chimney sweep etc who knows of a child with a poem, short story or picture that they would like to contribute, you can send stuff to me at storiesandpoems123@gmail.com. If you are sending images (which will most likey be projected) please send jpegs with as high a resolution as you can muster.

There is no need to include any details that identify children...though their age, gender and a sentence or two about whatever inspired them to create their creation would be very helpful.

If all goes well I shall debut the show at a very fancy Spoken Word Festival in Dublin in October.

I also intend to tour the show around the country. Anyone who contributes work that is used in the show can come to any performance (apart from the debut), with friends and family, for free. They can still attend the debut...just probably not for free. :)

Anyway, thanks very much in advance for anything I receive and feel free to ask me any questions. The email address again is...


Deadline for receipt of things - September 25th 2015.

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