How can I be honest without sounding like an idiot? So be it if that is not possible, but the other day I was scrolling about on the Facebook when I clicked into an article about Zodiac Signs which turned out to be one of these chain mail type ordeals that threatened to fine me 16 years of bad luck if I didn’t ‘like’ or ‘share’ it.

Well, I clicked out of it immediately, with a sort of repulsed fling-away-flap of my click-mouse. I can remember experiencing a similar sense in my hand at a Summer Camp many years ago when I discovered an earwig creeping around like creep inside my lunch pale.

Oh. I did not like it one bit…but at least the poor Machiavellian little earwig wasn’t intending to harm anyone. He was just looking for an earhole to climb into so that he could settle down and start a family. But that chain-mail-thing-type-maker, whoever that was, they were being a scourge. Or they were attempting to be - preying on the minds of innocent foals, who, unlike me (I am happy to remain calmer than a cowboy in the face of such a threat), might assess the notion of being sentenced to a sixteen year streak of misfortune as unfortunate to say the least.

That is why I decided to make this AMULET OF BAD LUCK ANTIDOTE. It works at least as well as a chain mail curse. I drew it with the intention of creating something to neutralise curses, and the shapes and colours came about by what can only be described as their own volition.

It requires no ‘likes’ or ‘shares’ to be activated. If you are bothered by the possibility that you may have adopted a curse accidentally, then just look at the image. The curse will simply vanish if you want it to.

Anyway, here it is. I wonder sometimes if the things that we say, do, make and intend have an energy or aura that can effect in some way the stuff that's nearby it…or is it merely belief that makes us vulnerable? And who can say for sure? Who can say for in-any-way-sure?

Do please post a comment if you feel up to it.

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