A father scrapped unwillingly, a dog, named Micheál.

His paw, the dog’s, went into the father’s abdomen,

At stomach central.

The paw,

Deep inside,

But not through flesh in the traditional manner,

But by magical means.

There was no blood.

No tear.

Just surprise on the faces as the one was

Inexplicably and for whatever reason becoming the absolute

Embodiment of the other.

The dog howled,

Fearing he might disappear,

Like a biscuit being eaten from a box

Of such things.

The father howled,

Not wanting in the slightest

Any further part of the situation -

A cross-tempered and terrified dog

Attached in the belly via DNA.

But life itself is not always helpful.

There are mad women in their middle ages

Walking around saying that everything is as it should be,

And that the universe knows what it is at,

And that if you hold a thought with gratitude and great intent

Then the love you desire becomes manifest.

But I have seen these self-same women,

More miserable than you,

And despairing.


D’s pairing.

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