Scrubbing Your Mental Bucket With The High Archangel Gerry

Relationships, I heard during one of my morning spasms, are like drink being poured into a bucket. You see, the bucket must initially be empty in order for the poured-in drink to taste unsoiled when you quaff of it. Expectations, prejudices, habits, doubts, and other such vagrant ingredients must be tipped out heartily and the bucket wiped with a ritualistic cloth of some sort in a personal ceremony that you can conduct in reality or just solely in the dream world of your mind’s imagination.

Without this tip-and-wipe-cleanliness-conduction-process any new relationship merely pours in on top of your grievous, previous, and poisonous concoctions. You swallow it and make a sound like “uuuughghghg” and say, “this new relationship is disgusting. It tastes the same as all my other relationships. I must be always meeting with and attracting the same manner of poisonous wretches that I always did. Women are all the same…or men are all the same…or transsexuals are all the same.”

But maybe you are just pouring your nice new relationship drink into a bucket that you have never thought to clean properly. Clean your mental bucket. Clean your mental bucket please.

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